EKO MEĐIMURJE d.d. continuous efforts to increase productivity and efficiency in order to maintain competitiveness in the regional and global market. In line with these efforts, in cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture from Zagreb and under the supervision of prof. Ph. D.. Nedeljko Štefanić, we started in EKO MEĐIMURJE d.d, with the introduction of the principles and tools of lean manufacturing, which will contribute to achieving our business excellence.
It is actually the concept of production management in a way that creates a precise and targeted value, a product or service to the customer with the least possible inventory, production capacity, capital, labor, defective products, delays, waiting and all others that “does not add the value” to the product or service. Therefore, the management of the LEAN principles means creating greater value for the customer with less resources.
Modern business conditions in the global market in which we operate, characterized by the sudden and rapid changes in uncertain and turbulent environment, requires efficient management which is based on real customer needs. Therefore, in the center of all its thinking and actions, EKO MEĐIMURJE d.d. puts again the needs of their customers and its entire business will be adapt to the customer.