By flowing through the pipes, the gas carries with it various impurities that might be its integral parts, but they can also be present in the pipes due to metal corrosion or if the system has not been bled prior to use. Impurities carried by the gas may damage the measurement-regulation substation systems.
Installing the ZGH and ZEFG filters in front of the pressure regulator and measuring equipment helps catch the gas-borne impurities and prevent damage to the aforementioned systems.

Upon entering the filter, the gas flowing through the pipes must pass through the cartridge of the filter basket that prevents solid particles from being borne further by the gas. Solid particles drop to the bottom of the filter housing, while the fine dust remains on the cartridge.
ZFG and ZEFG filters may be used for natural gas, air, propane and all non-corrosive gases. The ZFG and ZEFG gas filters are installed so that the lid of the filter is on the upper side, while the arrow on the housing of all filters indicates the direction in which the gas is flowing.


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