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The Management promotes the quality management system on all levels, and involves the entire staff in it.
The quality management system is an integral part of all value adding processes: from planning, development, production, joint ventures, to product delivery. An efficient quality management system is the common choice and obligation of our entire staff.
The quality policy is in accordance with the mission of EKO MEĐIMURJE d. d. –
we invest all our knowledge and experience in creating top-quality products and services which comply with the quality requirements and functionality and refers to the development, production and sales of:
• process, energetic and gas equipment
• welded structures, machines and devices
• cabins, tanks, chassis and other parts for building machines
• development and production of bricks and clay products
• sales of building materials
We consider that the assurance of quality in the process of creating the product is not accessible only through a final inspection. The awareness of quality has to be pointed to the prevention of mistakes in order to prevent the occurrence in the beginning process. The basic thought that quality cannot be achieved with inspection but through production has to be the guiding line to all workers. There is no alternative for quality.

• to fulfil our basic strategic aim: to deliver a product or service that will exceed all quality, functional and costs requirements
• continuous monitoring and improvement of all processes, which contributes to a timely discovery of non-compliance and the timely remedy thereof
• an appropriate and effective organization in which good progress is followed, recognized and rewarded, to the satisfaction of all our employees
• lifelong learning of our employees in all areas, and the possibilities for the realization of their individual potentials (in order for them to be competent for performing the tasks entrusted to them, and so that they are aware of the impact of their work on the quality of the production process, the product itself, as well as the impact on the environment)
• a continuous investment in innovations, development and new technologies, environmental awareness and rational use of energy
• Planning, monitoring and rationalization of costs
• to respect an compliance the legal regulations
• to prevent accidents and decrease a negative impact on the environment and at the same time increase the positive impact to the whole society
• to a continuous improve of the system in order to prevent pollutions
• to contribute to a sustainable development acting with responsibility and considering the impact of our daily business to the environment

By adhering to this policy, the Management is creating an ambient and assures resources for the realization of the planned goals.
The quality and environmental protection policy represents the core and the guiding lines for determining the goals of an efficient management of the quality and environmental protection system.

Management EKO Međimurje d.d.


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